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Dear Friends and Colleagues, I am happy to announce that I am officially offering my services as a family law mediator. I am excited to begin applying my years of experience as a family law attorney to a new aspect of the legal process. As anyone who has ever worked with me already knows, I believe in compromise and pragmatic cooperation. I have found that this philosophy has served all parties involved better than any other approach, and I am excited to help you achieve the same fair and effective results in mediation. Drawing on my familiarity with the Judges of Tulsa County and the attorney’s experience of mediation, I am confident that I can help you amicably resolve your cases. Our mediation rates are $175.00 per hour with a minimum of two hours. The costs will be divided equally between the parties unless otherwise agreed to. Thus, the total cost for a two hour mediation will be $350.00 and each party should bring $175.00 cash, money order or credit or debit card. Additional time spent on the mediation is billed at $175.00 per hour. A copy of the mediation agreement and directions and all other particulars will be mailed to the attorneys mediating the case or the unrepresented parties. At this point, we have many available mediation dates, and I encourage you to contact us if you need a mediation scheduled promptly. PleaseĀ feel free to contact us at 918-794-5587 or at mpglawoffice@cox.net for further information or to schedule your next mediation today.