Don’t Struggle to Make Your Holiday Wrapping Perfect

The first Christmas my boyfriend and I were together we went to a holiday party hosted by some of his friends. Gifts were exchanged, both to individuals and through a Secret Santa swap. My boyfriend had chosen to wrap his contributions exclusively in bags that were so covered in wrinkles they looked like they had been…

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Author: Emily Price

Apple Jack and Bénédictine Make the Perfect Holiday Cocktail

Apples do a lot of heavy lifting around the holidays. We bake them in pies, drink their fermented juice, and sip on spiced cider to warm our cold, sniffly bodies. Apple brandy is my favorite vehicle for this particular flavor, and when paired with Bénédictine liqueur, it makes a drink that tastes like a more alcoholic…

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Author: Claire Lower on Skillet, shared by Claire Lower to Lifehacker